Ricardo Amigo Dürre
Universidad de Chile


“White” racial identity has emerged as an urgent political and investigative problem face to the increasing racism against “Black” immigrants to Chile. In this context, this article proposes several inquiries around Whiteness discourses and practices that allow us to develop new views on the ubiquity of racism and racialized social relations in Chile. For starters, we address the place of whiteness in ideological constructs of Chilean miscegenation. Secondly, we explore whiteness as a category of racial classification in the central region of the country. Finally, we propose some paths of inquiry that allow an in-depth study of Chilean whitenesses, in a dialogue with Anglo-Saxon whiteness studies and the debates on whiteness in Latin America. This article concludes with a brief comment on whiteness in social research in Chile.

Keywords: Chile, racial identity, racism, mestizaje-miscegenation, whiteness.