Javier Calderón Castillo
Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina


This article deals with the question of the existence of a Colombian-based Marxism and advances a provisional answer that has to do with the articulation of a “workshop” made up of organic intellectuals and scholars who built, through heated polemics, a practical Marxism that pursued a socialist revolution. It puts forward an analysis on intellectual nuclei that developed some processes of editing and publication, and, naturally, of a scholarly and political formulation of Marx’s ideas, in relation to the interpretation of social relations in Colombia’s capitalist process. Then we describe the schools, synthesize their contributions, outline some of its main exponents, who made up the “workshop” of a practical anticolonial and anti-imperialist Marxism. Such a process helped build a new history of Colombia, explained the capitalist process and was a part of the real movement, while facing great strains, such as the orthodox international alignment as a path to the socialist way.

Keywords: Marx, Colombia, Communism, New Left, Liberation.