Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni
Universität Bayreuth, Deutschland

Morgan Ndlovu
University of South Africa


This article analyses the complementarity of Marxism (the democratic version of the 21st century) and decolonization (the radical decoloniality of the 21st century) as living theories and true ideas of liberation. Its focus is on the articulations of Marxism and Black liberation by such selected Black figures such as Aime Cesaire, Abdel Khaliq Mahgoub, Amilcar Cabral and Walter Rodney. These figures produced what is introduced is introduced here as Black Marxist decoloniality. At the centre of this Black Marxist decoloniality is the intersections of Marxism and decolonization to deepen the analysis of capitalism and colonialism as inextricably intertwined sources of modern problems. Orthodoxy Marxism is not only stretched so as to reflect on the Black condition but is also democratized to open it up to embrace other anti-racist, anti-slavery, anti-capitalist, anti-colonialist, and anti-heteropatriarchal sexist movements of liberation. The decolonization of the 20th century is equally stretched beyond its capture by bourgeois elites who sought to replace white colonialists without changing the racially hierarchical and gendered modern world system.

Keywords: Black Marxist decoloniality, Democratic Marxism, Decolonization, Decoloniality.