Manuel Cárdenas Castro
Patricia Obreque Oviedo
Francisco Infante Aravena
Daniel Giraud Aravena
Universidad de Talca, Chile


The beliefs revolving around the practice of eating animals are widely accepted and lead to an ideology known as carnism. This study aims to validate the carnism inventory, which measures two components of those beliefs: the defense of carnism and carnist domination. The defense of carnism would render legitimate the practice of eating animals based on arguments stemming from tradition, taste or need; while carnist domination would support animal slaughter based on the notion of a natural hierarchy and our natural right to rule over animals and used them for our own purposes. The bidimensional structure was confirmed and a fair internal consistency was achieved for a complete scale (α = 0,735). The dimensions showed a positive correlation (r = 0,407). The scale yielded good adjustment indexes and we were able to support the configuration and metric invariance of the carnism inventory for both males and females.

Keywords: carnist ideology, carnism inventory, invariance tests, veganism.