Christian Soazo Ahumada
Universität Freiburg, Deutschland / Universidad de Chile


This article inquiries into a categorial foundation for Franz Hinkelammert’s most renowned works, advancing the category transcendental reference, along with the notions of „body unity“, „division of labor“ and „reproductive rationality“, as decisive to critically conceptualize an anti-fetishist poietics. To support this interpretation, we look at the analogical reading done by Hinkelammert between the Paul of Tarsus’ thought (that is, early Christianity) and Marx’s thought, especially in relation to his theory of fetishism. Drawing from these theoretical assumptions, this works ventures to situate Hinkelammert‘s work alongside the works of thinkers such as Enrique Dussel and Juan José Bautista, among others, who advocate for some kind of transmodern Marxism, in which the criticism of fetishization/colonization not only encompasses the capitalist system, but extends to modern civilization.

Keywords: transcendental reference, Poietics, anti-fetishism, division of labor, reproductive rationality.