Francesc Bailón Trueba
Arqueonet, España

David Pacheco Filip


Undoubtedly the relations between dogs and human beings in the Artc has evolved or adapted as populations went from a seasonal nomadism to a partial sedentarism, from a traditional subsistence economy to have their economy depend on the industrialized world. In this article, we analyze those evolutionary changes among Inuit people, a hunting and fishing society, by focusing on the case of the Kalaallit Nunaat people (Greenland), where dogs continue to be genuine, descended from one of the world’s oldest races, and acknowledged as that from 1990. Similarly, we explain the special symbiotic relation between dogs and Inuit hunters, underlining this concept from a traditional community embedded in a modern society that opposes the loss of their cultural identity, despite suffering the consequences of the globalization process, environmental pollution, and global warming.

Keywords: Artic, hunters, Greenland, Inuit people, dogs.