In this collectively-written article, we draw from intersectional Canarian decolonial feminism to analyze the role of diaspora, territory, and race in Canarian coloniality. Through their analysis and reflection, the authors help build a genealogy of Canarian women’s experiences, feeding their own self-decolonization emancipatory process and making the decolonization of Canarian territory and bodies easier, both in the Islands and in the Canarian diaspora. Additionally, the text brings in a meta-reflection on Canarian decolonial feminism and asks questions about materialities, such as land and the body. Besides contributing to Canarian decolonization, this text enriches the corpus of decolonial studies, as complex Canarian coloniality continues to be an understudied reality.

Keywords: decolonial feminism, Canarias islands, race, territory, diaspora.