Oscar Humberto Soto
Universidad Nacional de Cuyo / Conicet, Argentina


This work addresses how rurality and peasantry are featured across Latin America in colonial/modern settings. This aims to situate Puestero’s peripheric rural lives. Puesteros are devoted to goat breeding, and therefore carry a transhumant/nomadic life. In doing this, we strive to reflect upon recent discussions on the encounter between the State, peasant subjects, and capitalism. Based on recording and reflection work performed in Malargüe (Mendoza, Argentina), we argue the peasant and Indigenous communities’ displacement to appropriate rural lands is actually a form of blurred living that is produced and reproduced under conditions of unaccomplishment, as a peasant lifestyle, which goes on fighting extinction.

Keywords: Puesteros, peasantry, unaccomplishment, transhumance, nomadism.