Katherine Galeano Sánchez
Universidad Nacional de Colombia


This work focuses in migrant Nasa women’s experiences of crossing borders and building |real communities on a diasporic territory in the city of Bogota, Colombia. Three specific issues are addressed: firstly, the relation between the political view of an Indigenous nation with internal diversities and their migration ethos; secondly, Nasa women migration is dealt with as a spectral dynamic bringing about a rupture from processes of building difference as alterity, such as the studies on kinship and the gender division of labor. Finally, we examine the construction of a diasporic space among Nasa women, and the particularities in the dispute of an isomorphism between location and ethnic identity underlying the alterized judicial-political commonization. Focusing in Nasa women’s experiences lived in the diaspora has allowed us to disclose some spectral rationales hiding in the studies that explain ethnic identity as something fixed as a condition for their State and juridical recognition in Colombia.   

Keywords: Indigenous women, Indigenous nation, Nasa people, diaspora, nomadism, kinship, phallocentrism, becoming community, body-territory.