Ignacio Muñoz Cristi
Universidad Diego Portales, Chile


This paper presents some of the results of a sociopolitical struggle strategy without, against and from the State. A part of a broader investigation on the senses and complex self-management work processes in the Movement “Pobladores y Pobladoras en Lucha” (MPL) and its political party tool (Igualdad). Drawing from a decolonial analysis of world-systems, a longue-durée historical approach is put forward to situate data within the framework of expansion and contraction processes of self-management within the modernity-coloniality project. The methodology was founded upon a biographical approach with interviews to 12 MPL-Igualdad active members. Findings allow to characterize their sociopolitical strategies for anti-systemic liberation struggle. As a conclusion, their strategies go beyond housing issues and are projected, via a constituent prefiguration of habitat, in a horizon of community and intercommunity self-government based on the construction of popular power.

Keywords: Complex self-management, dwellers’ movement, dialectic approach.