Candela de la Vega
Universidad Católica de Córdoba / UA-Conicet, Argentina


This article focuses in the possibilities of class analysis face to the multiplicity of contesting subjects populating the Latin American scene, and aims to pose once again the problem of the «conditions in which subjects fight» from two vertices, both from a theoretical stance anchored in a procedural, relational, and antagonistic to class and constitution; and drawing from the notion of class location as an analytical tool to access those conditions of life and shared struggle. Based on this, the study of the ‘objective conditions’ is shown for a case of environmental struggle in Argentina, from a qualitative methodology approach. As a main finding, this article shows three ways in which throughout over 10 years, the ‘objective conditions’ of life and fight emerge and are transformed in the discourse of environmental assemblies.

Keywords: class, class location, struggle, environmental struggle, life conditions, environment.