Pedro Lebrón Ortiz
17, Instituto de Estudios Críticos, México


This article consists of an elaboration of a philosophical conception of marronage to put it in conversation with decolonial thought, in broad terms. This consists of a discussion of the concept sociogenic marronage, which is defined as flight from the oppressive forces of European modernity through decolonial political praxis, and analectical marronage, which I define as flight from European modernity itself. I argue that the relationship between these two phenomena constitutes what I have called the double maroon critique and that its concrete manifestation, in different configurations, constitutes what I have called maroon logics. I argue that analectical marronage has a pedagogical element which has the potential to initiate a decolonial turn. Finally, I briefly look at the events from what has been called the “Puerto Rican Summer of 2019” through this conceptual framework, which I have denoted philosophy of marronage, to identify characteristics of marronage, in the ontological sense I elaborate, in contemporary Puerto Rican society along with some parallels with the Haitian Revolution.

Keywords: marronage, decolonial turn, Puerto Rico, maroon logics, analectical marronage.