Daniel Montañez-Pico
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


The New World Group was a mostly Afro-Caribbean scholarly network that operated during the 60s across the Anglophone Caribbean, led by thinkers and activists, such as Lloyd Best, James Millette, George Beckford and Norman Girvan. It had ramifications in other regions of the Caribbean and Canada and the United States. Its members emphasized the need for epistemic decolonization in the study of their own historical realities and traditions in order to deepen the processes of independence that developed in their regions. In this spirit, they developed concepts such as «independent thought» and «mental decolonization». Their contributions in the field of decolonial social sciences in the region are remarkable, anticipating contemporary stances in postcolonial and decolonial studies for several decades.

Keywords: New World Group, epistemic decolonisation, Anglophone Caribbean, 1960s, independent thought, mental decolonization.