Yully Marcela Navarro-Martínez
Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia


Social resistance in El Centro village has fallen upon significatively in the political, social, cultural, environmental, and economic structures over the territory. Their fight has been neatly social, by displacing the defense of the elements and dynamics of the natural setting, which has been the main actor in their socioeconomic development. This research aims to understand the impact of social resistance face to the oil industry in the socioenvironmental dynamics at El Centro village, located in the municipality of Barrancabermeja, which is developed through a descriptive-interpretative qualitative method. Interviews, a cross-sectional approach to resistance, official and bibliographic documentary review. Alberto Melucci’s Theory of colective action was taken as a source of reference, and the results were developed through macro categories social and environmental, as well as seven subcategories stemming from the first ones.

Keywords: social resistance, oil industry, collective action, Barrancabermeja, sustainable development.