Fernando Limeres Novoa
O Itsmo Clacso, Argentina


Is the father of Antilleanity a decolonial thinker? How is the decolonial manifested in his thinking?, that is, based on text linguistics and discourse analysis approaches, which are the decolonial discursive traits in his statements?, in which way The Antillean Discourse involves formulating a theory of decolonial meaning?, which are the various levels of organization of this meaning?, does it refer to a linguistic specificity as a discursive context encompassing his criticism? All in all, is the Martinican author’s decolonial discourse a metacriticism of Western production of meaning? This article analyses textual answers to those questions. Eugenio Coseriu’s text linguistics serves as a framework of analysis.

Keywords: discourse, decoloniality, colonialism, Antilleanity, metacriticism.