Eduardo Restrepo
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Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia


This paper draws upon an exploration of various approaches to difference aiming at arguing that difference is not to be confused with othering, since both at the theoretical and the political levels, it can be evident how the latter responds to a colonial technology, within which stereotypification plays a central role. Othering technologies, both those operating at the world-system level as those working at the the national formation level appeal to those stereotypifying processes from which radical others are shaped, who need to be patronized and saved from themselves. Later on, in order to address the topic of the subject of nation, I delve into several encompassing clarifications on the notion of subject, as it is often mistaken for terms, such as individual, identity or agency. In this part of the text, I will put forward the analytical difference between subject stance, subjectivation, and subjectivity as three aspects allowing for understanding the concept of subject. With these conceptual inputs, at the closing section, I will present what I consider can characterize some form of the multiculturalist turn across the Latin American region, which I called ethnic-culturalist multiculturalism.

Keywords: Turn to multiculturalism, ethnic-culturalist multiculturalism, othering technologies, nation and difference.