Laura Fernández Aguilera
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Universidad Pompeu Fabra, España


This paper argues the systems of heteropatriarchal and speciesist oppression have been co-constituted. To explain this overlapping of oppression, we will first define speciesism and heteropatriarchy, by bringing up their link to other oppression systems (such as capitalism, colonialism, capacitism) from which these cannot be separated. Then, we will delve into the interrelation of oppressions by addressing several axes: (1) binary thinking, (2) building a hegemonic masculinity, (3) the phenomenon of domestication and body control, (4) (re)productivity and body exploitation in capitalist settings, and (5) the mechanisms through speciesist and heteropatriarchal normativity are perpetuated. The issue of representing other animals will be critically reviewed, and we will end with a defense of care ethics, encompassing the overlapping of oppressions when projecting social justice, environmental, and interspecies worlds.

Keywords: antispeciesism, feminism, ethics of care, non-human animals.