Pablo Sebastián Gómez
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Conicet/Universidad Nacional de Córdoba/Universidad Siglo 21, Argentina


Nowadays, there is a growing interest on recognizing the importance of South-South migration flows, and their characteristic features in relation to South-North flows, both in class composition and receiving social and normative spaces. In that line, many theoretical approaches mostly explain how it is going in the Global North countries. This paper aims to bring the main sociological theories to discussion within the framework of studies produced in the global North, to trace the topic back in the Argentinean context, and to highlight the relevance of racialization and coloniality of power categories for a discussion on South-South migrants’ flux in general, and Argentineans’ in particular. Those processes operate at a macro level, and are inserted in a structural dimension, but they are also reproduced on micro-social scales in daily interactions.

Keywords: South-South migration, theories, incorporation, racialization.