Inara Fonseca
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brasil

Morgani Guzzo
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brasil


This article aims to reflect on the visible and invisible colonial marks that go beyond the historical time of colonization and act in the present time producing processes of exploitation/domination in the bodies of Brazilian women (indigenous, black, mestizo and white). Through the critical bibliographical review and the dialogue with Brazilian feminists (Gonzalez, 1984; Carneiro, 2003; Ribeiro, 2017) and Latin American feminists (Lugones, 2008; 2014; Anzaldúa, 1987), we show how the marks left by the wound colonialism function as a mechanism that contributes to the persistence of a modern colonial subjectivity. In the end, we present a proposal for the movement of Brazilian women and feminists, based on the idea of fractured locus, which allows at the same time an articulation and a fissure in the modern tendency to create hierarchical and dichotomous identities, fundamental for the maintenance of the Modern/Colonial System of Gender: heteropatriarchal, racist and capitalist.

Keywords: Modern Colonial System of Gender, coloniality of gender, Black feminism, Latin-american feminism.