Uva Falla Ramírez
Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca

Yuri A. Chávez
Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca


This research summarises the results of work towards the reconstruction of the social fabricamong the displaced population in the Municipality of Soacha that has been conducted since2002. Qualitative methodology, especially participatory research strategy, privileged the useof dialogical techniques that integrated research, education and action. The problematicobserved in the Unit of Attention and Orientation of the Displaced Population (UAO) ledto identifying as the intentionality of the project the generation of self-generating processesamong the displaced communities through critical reflection on their reality. However, theprocesses of social fabric reconstruction require concrete municipal policies and actions ofabsorption and repeopling that offer real alternatives of socioeconomic stabilisation to thedisplaced population, since these processes are hampered by the conditions of vulnerabilityin which this population finds itself

Keywords: Social fabric, forced displacement, vulnerability, community, empowerment,participation.