Carlos Arturo Lopez
Pontifcia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia


This paper shows, from a philosophical approach, the effort to traverse disciplines critically, leaving aside the pressure imposed by the idea of the “advance of learnings”. Instead of rejecting the disciplinary practice, here is a proposal for an attitude taking advantage of such a practice —first of all, by checking its aims, procedures, foundations and judgements; second, by avoiding arguments with multi- and inter- disciplinary perspectives on how disciplines should be associate each other; lastly, by refusing the search, beyond any knowledge, for a natural or social cognitive platform that would be common to any other kind of knowledge. In brief, this paper shows both a personal bet on thinking the philosophy and social sciences methods, and the need to take on the vision that, as researchers, our activity is not unrelated to politics, to the complex relationships making us up as individuals and weaving the different communities we make part of.

Keywords: Transdisciplinarity, philosophy, social sciences, method, politics.