Inge Helena Valencia
Universidad ICESI,Colombia


To think the relationship between anthropology and cultural studies is a topic full of questions and strains due to overlapping fields, subjects and methodologies. For instance, both anthropology and cultural studies ask themselves about the relationship between culture and politics, but how is the relationship between the cultural and the political unveiled? What is the scholar’s place amidst such a relationship? Quite possibly, the answers to these questions lead us to problematize the already widely known idea of the “political vocation” in cultural studies, as stated by Stuart Hall. This consideration aims to bring to the attention to the way the political vocation put down on cultural studies has some background, which may be traced to the shore of what has been called Latin American critical thinking. These encounters between cultural studies and Latin American critical thinking nurture the discussion on the political turn of the method and the production of situated knowledge.

Keywords: anthropology, cultural studies, Latin American critical thinking, political vocation.