Claudia Salomón Tarquini
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Universidad Nacional de La Pampa3, Conicet, Argentina

Anabela E. Abbona
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Universidad Nacional de La Pampa6, Argentina


Identity processes —including those engaging indigenous communities— are developed in the context of specific historically-shaped discursive formations and practices. In La Pampa province, knowledge concerning indigenous populations was actively promoted by the provincial government, by calling researchers in the fields of archaeology, anthropology and linguistics to work in a series of cultural policies intended to “rescue roots”. Within the framework of a project analysing the construction of regional cultural configurations, this paper analyses how those studies were born, which institutional networks were created around them, and which visions on indigenous peoples were promoted. The intense work developed throughout three decades allowed to bring information to create discourses about ‘provincial identity’, while demarking boundaries and chances for indigenous militancy, which would become visible since the 1990s.

Keywords: identity, cultural policies, research, region.