Alejandro de Oto
Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Conicet, Argentina

Laura Catelli
Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Conicet, Argentina


This work will discuss the scope of the notion of “internal colonialism” in relation to the problem of subjectivity production in the Latin American space and concerning the theories on colonialism, particularly, those under the umbrella of the “decolonial turn”. At the same time, we will try a critical look upon the formulations and definition posited in Pablo González Casanova, Walter Mignolo, and Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui’s approaches. We will adopt a post-colonial theoretical approach to think how national processes are described in relation to colonialism, especially concerning the so-called identity policies and subjectivation processes. We focus on this relation, because we have detected important elusions, mainly in the decolonial turn, of problems of the national, which are apparently expressed in the notion of internal colonialism. At the same time, we argue that only a broad understanding of ambivalences in cultural signs at stake can allow us overcome the conceptual rigidities constraining the possibilities of a renewed heuristics in relation to that notion.

Keywords: internal colonialism, subjectivities, decolonial, post colonial.