Diana Marcela Porras Díaz
Orcid ID: orcid.org/0000-0001-9500-5418
Flacso, Ecuador


This proposal articulates the emergence of informal economy to precarization and lack of jobs. Internal migration —city to city and countryside to city— is shown as a factor that makes it more difficult to overcome informal economy. Departing from a historical approach to employment, we present the factors affecting internal migration in Latin American countries, including the strong administrative and commercial concentration in capital cities, the lack of opportunities and utility provision in intermediate cities and rural areas, and the effects of internal armed conflict. The case of informal trade in Bogota is examined, as it evidences the socioeconomic problems in Colombia, highlighting the treatment given to this kind of trade by government administration, up to a micro level hasta (the case of Chapinero area) through testimonials from semi-stationary informal salespeople, which show internal migration as a causal factor for informal economy.

Keywords: migration, precarization and informality.