Yilson J. Beltrán-Barrera
Orcid ID: orcid.org/0000-0001-6271-4445
Universidad Nacional de Colombia


Through the analysis of a historic work and a novel by Afro-Colombians Rogerio Velásquez and Manuel Zapata Olivella, respectively, the aim is to rescue green black marxism in those authors. We intend to show the intersections of racial, class, gender, and Mother Earth rules, through the experience of racial domination endured by black people. This will be carried out by pointing out at the close relationship between those dimensions (race, class, gender, and Mother Earth), which can be seen in the cosmovision of being Black, as we see it in the abovementioned authors. We intend to realize the fight against that intersectional domination first passes for remembering (rather than forgetting) the origins of being Black.

Keywords: intersectionality, green Marxism, environmental racism, black Marxism.