Javier García Fernández
Orcid ID: orcid.org/0000-0001-7994-5477
Universidad de Coimbra, Portugal


This work aims to reflect upon the role of Al-Andalus conquest, and the formation of modern Andalusia in the historical genesis of the capitalist mode of production, drawing from some reflections posed by Karl Marx in Capital, specially in its first volume. The aim here is to ponder upon a marxist historical analysis on territories in the South, a marxist analysis beyond hegemonic territories in feudal Europe. In order to deconstruct the hegemonic idea of Europe we will start by acknowledging Al-Andalus as a society and a political structure in the Afro-Asian-Mediterranean geopolitical space, and one of the first territories colonized by a rationale of political subordination and the capital/work division.

Keywords: marxism, thinking from the South, Afro-Asian-Mediterranean geopolitical space, primitive accumulation, origins of capitalism, colonized territories.