Yolanda RodRíguez Bernal
Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, Colombia

Lucy Patarroyo Caro
Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, Colombia

Luz Myriam Sierra Bonilla
Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, Colombia

Martha H. Arana Ercilla
Universidad Pedagógica Nacional
Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca, Colombia


This article is the result of the work of a research group composed of teachers of early childhood education, who propose a pedagogic model of scientific-technological education integrated with the formation of the children’s teachers. They suggest that this could assure that educators will be able to teach the new generations of Colombians with scientific and technological thought and attitude, in order to foster the country’s human development according to the demands of advanced knowledge in the contemporary society. The investigation proposes strategies for scientific-technological education that define new features in curriculum design, from professional profile to subjects of pedagogic fundamentals, thus to eliminate the separation between the pedagogical and scientific-technological formation. Said pedagogical strategies are based on the study of science, technology and society.

Keywords: scientific-technological education, science, technology and society studies, science, technology, childhood education