Agustín Lao-Montes
University of Massachusetts – Amherst, USA


This article develops a theoretical and methodological argument about how to analyze and transform capitalist modernity based on a conceptualization of the African Diaspora as geo-historical key category. That entails, first, a long process in which historical subjects, cultural expressions, intellectual currents and social movements are involved; second, a modern/colonial condition of oppression (in all its dimensions: cultural, socio-economical, political, epistemic and existential) as historical agency and self-development of the subjects of modern Africa; and third, a decolonialization project of liberation, which is confirmed and articulated in the actions of the subjects, peoples and Afro-Diaspora movements. This article outlines a genealogy of the Afro-American Diasporas, in their plurality as well as their links, focusing on Afro-Latin Diasporas. As one of the principal milestones of the decolonizing Afro-Diaspora perspective explored in this article, we establish a political epistemic dialogue between “feminism of colored women” and the theory and critique of modernity based on the concept of coloniality of power.

Keywords: diaspora, decolonization, Afro-America, Afro-Latin, Afro-Diaspora