Milena Annecchiarico
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Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina


This paper presents a track record of Afro-Cuban studies, addressing the main reflections developed around Africania and the racial issue, from four key milestones in the development of this field of studies throughout the 20th century up to the present day. According to a contextual analysis of available bibliography and intellectual debates, I argue the challenges those studies were finding, depending on the time and the epistemic-ideological approaches. I highlight Africania as an analysis concept and their political dimensions in the Afro-Cuban cultural field, as well as the claims made by intellectual black groups, and the intersections with the current international time of diversity policies and Afrodescendant activism. Finally, I will propose that Cuban sociocultural anthropology poses key challenges to redirect and deepen its application in the field of Afro-Cuban studies and to face the racial “fight” within the framework of a socialist system.

Keywords: afrocuban studies, africania, racial issue, cuban anthropology.