Montserrat Arre Marfull
Universidad Austral de Chile/Universidad de Lisboa, Portugal

Paulina Barrenechea Vergara
Universidad de Concepción, Chile


This article presents exposes the trajectory of Afro-Chilean Studies, both in and outside academia in Chile. It is argued that, even though historiographical, anthropological and musicological investigations throughout the 20th century envisaged populations of African descent as an element present in Chile history and culture, especially in regard to the colonial period, it has not been until the 21st century that such studies have been systematized and expanded. During the 20th century, particularly during the first half, the main thesis of most studies was raised from an actual intrinsic denial, so that oftentimes African presence would become something like a historical curiosity. Since the 1980s, this has begun to change, with an emerging effective recognition of the third historical and cultural root of the various human groups who are dwelling today inside Chile’s imaginary boundaries.

Keywords: afro-chilean Studies, chilean historiography, afro-cultural groups, Afro-descendant migration.