José Ambrósio Ferreira Neto
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Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Brasil

Roseni Aparecida de Moura
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Universidade Federal de Tocantins, Brasil

Nathália Thaís Cosmo da Silva
Orcid ID: 6630-796X
Universidad Santiago de Compostela, España

Ada Luz Villadiego Arrieta
Orcid ID: 0869-0427
Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Brasil


This paper discusses Brazilian agrarian reform as a tool for regional development, by discussing policy of rural settlements in force, and its importance in processes of interaction with local and regional dynamics, by inquiring into the transformations those projects may bring about in the towns they are working. This work revolves around Polanyi’s discussion on the factors of production, land, capital and labor, and Amartya Sen’s on freedom as a factor of development. The discussion we undertake here defends agrarian reform as a way to bring opportunities and empowering its beneficiaries as agents. We argue access to land and means of production provides workers with control over their own workforce.

Key words: rural settlements, Brazil, agrarian reform, rural and regional development, agrarian reform.