Elena Oliva
Ordic ID: orcid.org/0000-0001-7257-5733
Universidad de Chile


This work examines theoretical pathways and characteristics shared by Afro descendant intellectuals in Latin America. Afro-studies latest developments have allowed identifying both these individuals and their intellectual production. In spite of that recent visibility, Afrodescendant intellectuals and their thinking had a previous formation that can be traced back throughout all the 20th century in written records. Even though this literate facet is not the only expression of their scholarly activity, their written works allow us to trace the path of their main ideas, with their continuities and changes of direction, which have kept up with changes in Latin American societies. Based on this working hypothesis, I examine the analysis categories to account for these scholars’ profiles and the major contents of their work.

Keywords: intellectuals, afrodescendants, Latin America, afro studies.