Gisela Cánepa
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú


This paper is structured in two parts: (I) an overview of cultural studies in Peru and their institutionalization in academic programs, aiming to discuss the challenges posed by cultural studies in the Peruvian context; and (II) a discussion regarding the political vocation of cultural studies, organized around two questions —in which conditions critical thinking arises and cultural action is performed?, and which challenges does a performative order posit to culture considered as a public action? This presentation finishes with the argument according to which to transcend the distinction between critical thinking and social action it is necessary to have a rigorous and critical reflection on method, understood as a strategic resource to: (I) to design and implement research though as a creative and transforming action, and (II) to place it in the framework of specific academic, political and ethical horizons.

Keywords: cultural studies, university, challenges, performance.