Discussions around Southern Marxisms and Decolonial/Anticolonial Thoughts

Guest editors:
Ramón Grosfoguel
University of California, Berkeley
Néstor Kohan
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Javier García-Fernández
Universidade de Coimbra / Universidad de Granada

This special issue, Discussions Around Southern Marxisms and Decolonial/Anti-colonial Thoughts, aims to articulate a new scholarly discussion between two currents of Southern Marxisms, namely: anti-colonial and decolonial Marxisms.

In the current systemic crisis of capitalism, we find it fundamental to get back to the thought of German theorist and philosopher Karl Marx, in order to gather contributions issued from this author’s work that have underpinned anti-colonial and freedom struggles across Latin America, Africa, and Asia to build anti-systemic thinking throughout the last two centuries. The global crisis of Western hegemony and the manifold decolonial theories have brought about an important fracture among the theoreticians of the so-called Modernity/Coloniality network, which led to different currents with conflicting views on the role of decolonial thinking to reflect upon neocolonial interventionist processes across Latin America. On the other hand, some sort of Euro-centric Western Marxism fallen into crisis at the hegemonic centers of power has led the way towards a radicalized Marxist thinking and the recovery of old anticolonial Marxism legacies, which existed both in Karl Marx and the revolutionary experiences of 20th-century anti-imperialist Marxisms. We intend to build bridges of conversation and debate between decolonial and anti-colonial Marxist currents, which have anti-imperialism and the anti-Eurocentric criticism of Global South Marxisms as a unifying concept. We are interested in collecting research work, papers, and debates addressing decolonization processes, fights for freedom, political anti-racism, radical social fights, counter-hegemonic geopolitics, new readings on the dependency theory, internal colonialism, philosophies of liberation, and epistemic decolonization anti-colonial/decolonial Marxist perspectives.

This special issue intends to open a new discussion in the field of critical social sciences and global emancipatory thinking aiming mainly to discuss anti-colonial Marxist currents and decolonial Marxisms. 

Deadline for article submission: July 31, 2021

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