Exchanges and other modes of relation in contemporary indigenous socio-cosmologies of the Isthmo-Colombian área

Mónica Martínez Mauri (
Universidad de Barcelona
Ernst Halbmayer (
Universität Marburg

This special issue aims to understand the cultural diversity of the Isthmo-Colombian area (intermediate area, Chibcha area). The Isthmo-Colombian area has in contrast to Amazonia, Mesoamerica or the Andes been vaguely defined and little considered in current anthropological debates. The objective of this volume is to bring together researchers who have carried out ethnographic fieldwork or ethno-historical research on indigenous societies located in this area in order to reflect on the modes of relation and specific forms of the gift (‘offerings’, ‘payments’, ‘sacrifices’, etc.) as well as on relations of exchange, protection, production and transmission between humans and non-human entities.

This Journal wants to stimulate a profound reflection on the specific character of the region taking into account common ontological dimensions of the area. Proposals may include topics such as human and non-human forms of appropriation; transactions (‘bride wealth’) in the context of marital practices, exchanges in the context of shamanic practices, or the transfer of goods in different contexts of sociability (sacrifices, offerings, nourishment, etc.). We welcome contributions that connect ethnographic data with general theoretical concepts, symmetric anthropology and debates on animism, analogism, perspectivism or multinaturalism, as well as theories surrounding the Macro-Chibcha or Isthmo-Colombian area.

Proposals can be submitted in English or Spanish. This special issue is of particular interest to scholars dedicated to social and cultural anthropology, and may be relevant to related disciplines such as cultural history, archeology, linguistics, and cultural studies.

Manuscript receipt: up to January 30, 2020.

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