Afro Caribbean Decolonial Thinking

Associate Editor:
Ramón Grosfoguel
University of California, Berkeley

The Caribbean —where European colonial expansion took place first, and where there are several Western empires present as colonial powers today— has given rise to a vast experience of decolonial resistances and thinking that date back several centuries ago. Caribbean decolonial thinking has been built by highly varied experiences: Asian, Mestizo, Indigenous, and Afro, as well as a myriad of languages, such as Dutch, English, Spanish, French, Papiamento, Creole, Yoruba, Bantu, Indonesian, and Javanese. In this issue, Tabula Rasa will focus on the decolonial thinking produced from the Afro-Caribbean experiences of the different Caribbeans. The colonial experience, particularly modern slavery, have been pivotal in the production of a wide Afro-Caribbean radical decolonial literature, critical of both modernity and global capitalism. This Call for Papers is encouraged and inspired by the broad decolonial literature produced by Afro-Caribbean thinkers.

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Manuscript receipt: up to November 30, 2019.

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